Get your copy of Trials of the Eldar today!

Trials of the Eldar is for sale via a direct-to-consumer, self-publishing service called Trials of the Eldar is an anti-capitalist passion project sold at zero profit, with periodical fundraisers being used to support mutual aid efforts in the Greater Boston area. By purchasing Trials of the Eldar, you are helping to spread the joy of a fun game and increasing our reach so that we can effectively feed, clothe, and otherwise assist our neighbors in future fundraisers!

The Fight Begins (base set): $49.99

Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins contains:

  • 12 unique double-sided Hero cards
  • 102 pairs of non-Hero cards
  • 1 full-color gameplay guide
  • 4 twenty-sided HP dice
  • 86 punch-out tokens
  • A sleek and sturdy game box
  • Watch a Box Opening video here!

Class Kits: $4.99

Artificer Kit
Mage Kit
Paladin Kit
Ranger Kit
Thief Kit
Warrior Kit

In a Class Kit, you will receive a complete set of all 36 cards from one of the six Hero Classes.